How we are different


LiveYou are unique in our approach to creating and delivering care packages for young adults with disabilities.


We understand the true value of quality relationships between you and your PAs, and the positive impact it can have on both of your lives.


Naturally, all PAs we match with our clients will be fully trained, DBS checked, and we will arrange all the legal requirements such as employment contracts as standard, so our PAs can work with the student safely and confident in their ability to assist to the highest standard.


However, LiveYou sets itself apart through the emphasis on finding the perfect PA, specifically for you!


We always strive to find PAs that have complementary personalities, hobbies and interests, and a generally positive outlook on life. We believe this is key to bringing the very best out of yourself, and PA, so you can excel throughout whichever pathway in life you choose.


Matching you with like-minded PAs is essential. However, so is retaining them.


Again, LiveYou sets itself apart from our competition through our treatment of all the PAs we work with.


All PAs we match with clients are talented and can make a real difference to the lives of our clients. We recognise this, which is why all PAs receive industry-leading rates of pay, for the industry-leading support they provide.


Not only this, LiveYou constantly look to improve our services and conduct regular reviews to ensure we are delivering the best service possible at all times, and that all parties involved are happy.


If you are a young adult with a disability looking to secure high-quality support, get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you!