University can be some of the most amazing and fun-filled years of your life! LiveYou are here to help you create the perfect support package so you can excel throughout the academic and social side of university. 

We are here to help you truly LiveUni!

Our support packages

Just as with LiveYou, our passion is matching you with PAs who will help you live life the way you want to live it.

We know building your university schedule around your care support can be incredibly restrictive. For example, if you have agency care providers helping you at a set time early in the morning, staying out late with friends may seem much less appealing. 

LiveYou takes a different perspective, we see the people you work with as a big advantage, not a disadvantage!

By creating a support package with like-minded PAs tailored specifically to you, you will be confident to get out there and grab all of the opportunities university gives you.

Excel academically, join clubs, experience the nightlife…whatever you want to do, your PA will always be there to support you, and LiveYou will always be there to support both of you. 

We take all the stress away from organising your care support for university.


After meeting with you to gain a full understanding of your needs, and learn about you as an individual, we take care of all aspects of HR. We find suitable PAs, and you make the ultimate choice over whom you work with.

Once you’ve chosen, we take care of all the legal aspects, training and payroll, so you can concentrate on packing, ready for your university adventure!

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