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A-Level Results - As a Disabled Student, What Now?

So, after many years of hard work you finally have your A-Level results! No doubt this isn’t how you imaged your final year of school to go, but here you are and your next big move is just around the corner.

First things first, the UCAS website is your first place to go. This is where you’ll see the status of your university applications. If you have had conditional offers that have been met, the status will turn to ‘unconditional’, so if your preferred option has changed to this, congratulations!

If you have not quite got what you have expected from the results, there are still things you can do. If you feel the grade doesn’t reflect your efforts, talk to your college about the appeals process. However, if the appeal process isn’t necessary, there is still the option of clearing, or adjustment if you have received better results than you were expecting.

Note: with adjustment, you have until the 31st of August 2020 to utilise the adjustment process.

It’s essential to know how accessible the university you go to is, along with the surrounding city it’s located in. If you have been to the open days if the universities you have applied to, you will already have a good sense of this. If not, get in touch with the disability team at your prospective university choices and ask specifically about the accessibility of your course building, the library, student union and sports facilities such as their gym.

One of the most important things to get right is your PA support. As a disabled student, getting the right support is key to maximising all the amazing opportunities that will come your way throughout university. As former students ourselves, we know this better than anyone that the right support can eliminate so many barriers that your disability creates.

Having the right support will not only give you the confidence and ability to make the most out of every lecture and seminar by assisting you to interact with course mates, but also live a rich social life by assisting you at uni society events, sports events and, when they finally open, bars and nightclubs!

Having PAs who match with your personality, hobbies and your interests can make your experience at university much more accessible and enjoyable.

Achieving this is LiveYou’s speciality.

Our service is centred around you. We help you access funding form local authorities and universities to pay for your support, then we help you to create your own personalised package that works for you.

We find the perfect PAs who match with you as an individual, we give you a list of the best candidates that you can interview yourself so you always have full choice and control over whom you work with. Once you have handpicked your team, we take care of everything else such as contracts, payroll, training and much more!

We take care of everything, so you can focus on what matters most, enjoying university to its full potential!

Get in touch today and we’ll help you live life without limits at university!