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Great North Wheelchair Lineup 2020

Updated: Feb 11

We are very excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the Great North Wheelchair Line Up 2020!

Come and join us as we try to smash the current world record of 351 moving wheelchairs in a row.

Last years longest line British Record

This event is hosted by Beach Access North East, an amazing local charity who supply a range of all-terrain wheelchairs to make the beach accessible and enjoyable for everyone, free of charge.

B.A.N.E is run solely by local volunteers, and the Great North Wheelchair Lineup is a fantastic way to raise awareness and money so they can continue to grow their valued service.

This will be the second ‘Longest Line’ event held by B.A.N.E.

LiveYou joined 106 other moving wheelchairs to set a new British record which previously stood at 38.

Based on last years success, we’re sure we can set a new World Record this time.

Let’s make history!

Time: 3rd of May 2020, 11am (record attempt @ 11:30am)

Place: Whitley Bay, Links in front of the Spanish City.

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