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Path to Independence Talk - Paul's Place

We recently had the pleasure of being invited to Paul’s Place near Bristol, a cherished community centre for people with disabilities, where LiveYou founder, Dan, delivered his ‘Path to Independence’ talk.

The aim of the talk is to inspire confidence in those with physical disabilities and showcase what an independent life could look like with their own personalised support package. Packed with real-life examples and useful information, Dan’s life experiences and insights can be a valuable guide to those looking to lead a more independent life.

With Bristol being 5 hours away from our base in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we travelled down on Thursday night and stayed at a Holiday Inn in the city centre.

  • A quick travel tip for those with disabilities; Holiday Inn’s are a good option for accommodation as they offer a free carer's room if you ring their booking number.

We arrived at Paul’s Place the next morning where we were greeted by volunteers and its members. Straight away we could sense there was a very positive vibe to Paul’s Place and everyone was very welcoming.

Daniel Cheeseman, Paul’s Place CEO, gave us a tour of the centre and told us about its humble beginnings from a small group of friends meeting weekly to the bustling centre open 5 days a week and catering to dozens of members!

After delivering his speech, Dan and I talked to many of the members about their time at Paul’s Place and it was evident how important it was to them. Having somewhere to come and socialise with other people, join in activities and even arrange holidays truly enhances their lives and it was great to see this in person.

Both Dan and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit, all the members and all the staff were very welcoming and we hope to visit again soon!

If you want to get started on your own path to living independently, or would like to arrange a talk for your group, click here and contact us today:

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