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Virtual Wheelchair Lineup North East!

Due to Covid-19 causing the Great North Wheelchair Lineup to be postponed until May 2021. The organisers, Beach Access North East (BANE), have taken the challenge to set a new world record online!

Presenting: The Virtual Wheelchair Lineup!

The challenge is simple, if you are a wheelchair user, or have access to one, then join the Facebook group (link at the bottom) and post a photo of yourself in a wheelchair to be counted!

The group has only been running for a few days and has already surpassed the 100 participants mark which is fantastic. This a great way to raise awareness for an amazing charity that enables everyone to enjoy the seaside!

LiveYou are very proud to sponsor the Great North Wheelchair Lineup and support Beach Access North East. We look forward to smashing the record next year in physical form.

Remember, you can be from anywhere in the world to join our Virtual Lineup and it's a very friendly atmosphere in the group!


Stay safe and we will see you all soon!

The LiveYou Team