Why We Started LiveYou


Throughout his school life, Daniel lived with his parents and received educational support arranged by the school itself. However, upon leaving the family home for university, he realised there was a void in quality support available. 

When reviewing the options available, one of the most common was for agencies to arrange support for specific time periods, such as 8am, every morning, to assist with personal care. This arrangement would have been outside of Dan’s control he and would have no choice over whom he worked with, and a restricted schedule for each day.


In Dan’s eyes, this method did not give him the independence he desired, and as he would be spending so much time with his support provider, it was crucial he had complete choice over whom he worked with, and the the time flexibility to be fully involved with all of his hobbies and interests, no matter what time of the day.

Because of this, Dan chose to become an employer himself and hire his own PAs, one of which was Sam. 

The support package Dan had created for himself was a resounding success and helped him to experience life to its fullest, whilst maintaining full independence. 

From Sam’s perspective, he had seen the amazing results of what the right care package can do for a  young disabled adult, and how being a PA can be a dramatically positive life-changing experience. 

From this success, Dan and Sam created LiveYou to help other young disabled adults experience life to its fullest, and achieve all their ambitions.